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Girişe Dön

  • Fruitarianism The Path To Paradise

    Yaklaşık 30 yıldır meyve ile beslenen anne osborne 'un akıcı bir dille deneyimlerini paylaştığı bir kitap.

    Meyvecil beslenmek herkes için uygun olmayabilir fakat meyve ile beslenmenin bedensel sağlığa ve ruhsal bağlantının akıcılığına etkilerini yadsıyamayız.

    Kitap, ne yazık ki henüz dilimize çevrilmiş değil.. İngilizce bilmeyenler eldeki teknolojiyle rahatlıkla çeviri yapabilir diye düşünerek sizlerle paylaşmak istedim.

    İlginç bulduğum bir kısmı da burada alıntılayayım. İyi okumalar dilerim.


    ''This simple fact that our milk is sweet seems to be one of the best pointers that our true and natural diet and that of our offspring, is a frugivorous one. Baby animals who are by nature herbivores, need no encouragement to eat greens. If they did not like greens they would not survive, as their whole anatomy is that of a green plant eater. Herbivores, such as the calf, often have multiple stomachs, and bacteria in these stomachs help to break down the greens. This helps to ensure that optimum nutrition is obtained from green plant matter.

    Other herbivores, such as rabbits, defecate and then eat their faeces. In this way they get two chances at getting the maximum amount of nutrition from their food. Dogs will also often eat the faeces of herbivorous animals; presumably they can obtain some goodness from these pre- digested greens.

    I believe that herbivores instinctively find greens wonderfully delicious, they do not have to be bribed to eat them; similarly, frugivores go into raptures of delight eating Mangoes.

    If a young human were put with a baby rabbit, a patch of grass and a bunch of Grapes; the child would eat the Grapes, sit on the grass and play with the rabbit.—The rabbit would eat the grass!

    I instinctively feel that we are frugivores and not leaf or meat eaters. However, due to modified fruits and less than idyllic soils, there is not always the ideal mineral content present in commercially grown fruits.Calcium especially may be lacking. Calcium and iron are two very important minerals needed for good health.

    Fruits that are good for calcium include Figs and Oranges. Fruits high in iron include Prunes, Watermelons, Dates, Sultanas and Apricots. Therefore, due to the less than optimum soils and growing conditions for fruit, there may for some people be a need for greens.''

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